Anahi Caceres

Anahi Caceres & Arte Una

ArteUna-RRF is Anahis contribution to “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” and simultaneously an
extension of this project through new participatory features connected to the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and related actions.
In this way, it represents a most contemporary component.
Another aspect within “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina”
is how deal people, in general, but young people in particular with this still frightning Past of Argentina.

Video lecture 2005 by Anahi Caceres


Short biography
1974/ 94, she works: Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Object, Installations, Vídeo and Performances, 1994/2004 :,Elechtronic Arts,.Installations and Performances. 27 awards: Draw, Sculpture, Painting, Print, Mixed Medias. Electronic arts, Internet.

More than 400 solo and collective shows in Argentina and other countries;J. Miró M. Barcelona; P. Fort Gallery, Catalunia; Johannesburg Art Gallery; National Panama
MFA ; Euroamericana Gallery Caracas; El Cerro Gallery Santiago Chile; Paraphernalia Gallery Lima; Nexus Gallery Philadelphia USA; Graphic Art’s Institute Oaxaca
Mexico; National Library MDF México; DCTV Manhattan, NYC USA.

1995 / 97 “One World Art”, Itinerant Project Right To Hope, Asia, Africa, Europe, Lationamérica and USA (Curated by K.Thick, England).
International Art Fairs 1993 /94: Arte’BA Buenos Aires Argentina, Bogotá Colombia, Caracas Venezuela, Miami USA. Biennial Puerto Rico (Curated by J. Glusberg) and X Mostra de Gravura, Curitiva Brazil (Curated by I. Mesquita). Prof. Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte; Thesis Director; Art Contest Jury.

1996/2004 Director. , J.Kogan Grant AICA 2000 Member of Doble _vínculo e-ring selected by J.L.Brea 2001.Artist Selected by Franklin Furnace for “The Future of the Present” 2001 Residence NYC, the YIWE-YIWEb Internet Live art Performance, DCTV Downtown Community Television Center NYC. Auspicated by Argentina Chancellery.
Web Designer of Dirección General de Museos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires ; Eikon awards Web Mention 2003.