Andamio Contiguo

Andamio Contiguo
(Norma Cabrera & Silvia Debora)

Nunca Màs (Never More)
The death machine that took to thousands of Argentineans
during the dictatorship is a deep black hole in the
conscience and the destiny of our country, one night that
continues surrounding the fatality of its missing bodies.

We want to generate a memory tool, to install a simulacre where
the spectator can take active part and, for a moment, to stop the time and to recover
the image of some of the women who the world lost by decision of an ill and intolerant society.

Short biography

Andamio Contiguo is a interdisciplinary artistic
team of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, founded
on 1992 and of long theater trajectory.
It initiates in the year 2002 a project of interrelation
between theater and digital art, using itself for its
own production in both areas.

The essence of a dramatic text is to be put into action
and this action in someone’s presence; performer body
in front of spectator body. What happen about a
dramatic text that it’s concreted in the Web?
It’s performing is generated from an electronic
means that transmits light. Trying to avoid an
ilustration of the writing, were generated
atmospheres of light, or textures that wish to
cought the spectator in a dramatic fact, because
they ask the action to be developed inside him,
on a virtual way.

With Plato Fuerte, first work of these characteristics,
participated in the Muestra Internacional of the
IV International Digital Art Exhibit in La Habana, Cuba;
it took part in /-Reload —///, exhibition of digital art
in the web that organized the Museum of Contemporary
Art of Istambul, Turkey; and he was integral of
SALA ROJA, publication of international digital art
in CD-Rom, made by the Center of Modern Art
of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Paul Vater was selectionated to participate in Web Biennial 2003
organised by, Turkey.
Also was choosen for V International Digital Art
Exhibit, La Habana, Cuba.