Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina
is a media art project by Agricola de Cologne
a curatorial collaboration between Raquel Partnoy and Agricola de Cologne,
a collaboration with the Argentine artists Anahi Caceres & Arte Una, Irene Coremberg,
Marina Zerbarini & Andamio Contiguo (Norma Cabrera & Silvia Debora)

initiated and created for
[R][R][F] festival environment by Agricola de Cologne —>
copyright © 2004-2007 by Agricola de Cologne

All included texts copyright © by the authors

All included art works copyright © by the artists

Video lectures —>
Raquel Partnoy copyright © by Raquel Partnoy
Anahi Caceres copyright © by Anahi Caceres

Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina
is a corporate part of “The Argentina Memorial”

The Never More! Memorial
in the frame work of the commemorative platform
The 7 Memorials for Humanity