Irene Coremberg

Irene Coremberg

Memory Tunnels

A generation of young people “disappear” until the heedless glance of an absent society, because of their ideals.
A lot of children were born in captivity and grew up without knowing their real identity.

Their families are still looking for them, behind a silent and forgotten wall, built by most people.

Work developed with 3DStudioMax, Adobe Photoshop, Sound Forge, Adobe After Effects and Macromedia Flash.


Short biography
Studies: Visual Arts: San Martín Visual Arts School.
Teachers: Digital Arts & Arts Basis: Anahí Cáceres.
Drawing: Marta Córdova.
Painting: Gabriel Microsznik.
Painting & Sculpture: Alberto Arregui.
Degree of licentiate in Digital Arts of IUNA (National &
Universitarian Institute of Arts ) – Buenos Aires:
currently Studying

– Festival “Arte Digital Rosario 2003, Muestra 0”
– “Java Museum”. Latino (Spain & Portugal)
– “Cinemateque, le Musèe Divisioniste”: “Winter Streams”
– Dámaso Arce Museum. Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Ar.
– “Violence”. International thematic exhibition on-line for multimedial arts.
– “Self Portrait”. International thematic exhibition on-line for multimedial arts.
– “Third Dimension in Digital Arts”. Conference about 3D techniques in modelling an animation in 3DSMax for artists. San Martín Theatre. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

– 3º Prize in the Photography Salon. Fotoclub Buenos Aires (1997)

– 1º Prize in the “Salón de Artistas Jóvenes” of “Casa de Cultura” from San Isidro (1983)