Marina Zerbarini

Marina Zerbarini

Tejijo de la Memoria

t is a “work in progress”, that incorporates writings supplied by users, making the contents constantly dinamic.
It is developed the concept of time in subjects like Human rights, Poverty and Social Inequality, War and Memory.

The user interacts choosing between graphs, statistics, images and videos his reading time and the relation between them.

A memory that can be read ” by heart” or like a “weave” that constructs and reconstructs.

Short biography
Marina Zerbarini studied photography, in the Bs.As Photo Club in 1974. In 1991 she obtained a degree in painting-
In the first years of her profession she was dedicated to the painting, within an abstract tradition with an own conceptual incorporations.
As leaves she received distinctions in:
Painting Ward School, Mention of Honour (1991); Alap (1989), Vte.Lopez Municipality (1989), Rotary Club (1994). Third Painting Prize in Cutralco La Pampa (1992), Second Prize in the Fernán Felix de Amador Hall of Luján city, Bellas Artes Museum (1993).

She made individual samples in: Altos de Sarmiento Gallery, Paintings 1991, Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Paintings 1993, Ricardo Rojas Foundation, Paintings and Sculptures 1994, Recoleta Cultural Centre, Installation (1996), French Alliance of BA, photographs (2000).

She received distinctions in:
2001 Concourse Noos “Avec Noos, création devient media”, Premier Concourse of création Artistique sur i-net.2 P International second prize by the work: “The dream is gone”, given
and exposed in the International fair of contemporary art FIAC, Paris, France
2001 Tribute to May Ray, Borges Cultural Centre, B.A. Mention to the object photography, by the work “La realidad no existe en un deseo”.
She had numerous group and solo exhibitions in Argentina and abroad.